Small Spaces

So in our world where food is bigger, houses are bigger, parties are bigger, ....maybe small isn't so bad either.  As you know I have 4 boys. They share bedrooms, but lately they have been driving each other crazy (I'm sure it's only my kids who do that!). So we got creative and tried to bring new life to some unused spaces in our house, staying in line with the whole "eco homes/small homes" movement.  Not that I had "big spaces" to offer them anyway! Here's what we did: One moved in to a walk in closet that has a window.  It's a little reminiscent of Harry Potter's "cupboard under the stairs", but he LOVES it! That room already had some shelves on the wall which we left.  I added a basket for dirty clothes and he set up a locker stacker for a small table.  I re-purposed a stack of plastic drawers outside the "room" for clothes. For another we converted an unused foyer by adding some shelves to form a 1/2 wall (The shelves were previously located in the closet, but took up too much space to stay there).  Then we hung beads from the ceiling for privacy and added a small rug. For the last space, we pitched a tent! We moved in some bookshelves and a stacking set of drawers from the playroom. The tent was Mike's idea. We've pitched a tent inside before, but only for an "indoor camp out."  It's a great way to portion off a larger space without putting up walls. We moved mattresses, but not bed frames into each space.  I insisted on books (of course!).  The boys had to declutter and could only bring a few prized possessions with them, not enough space for more, oh well! - nice way to get things cleaned out! I bought 2 small rugs from to add an element of coziness to the tent and the foyer areas.  (The closet already had a carpet.) Voila! 3 new bedrooms.  I actually have an empty "regular" bedroom now.  Maybe I'll reimagine that space next! I don't know how long it will last, this was supposed to be a summer project, but so far the kids love it, so why not?  It's fun to think about things like "bedrooms" in different ways.  Give it a try, it's good to mix things up every once in awhile!