ABLE Accounts for Americans with Disabilities


Passing this on from Autism Speaks.  Please urge congress to finally act!

Congress has returned to Washington and now is to the time for them to finish the job with ABLE! Urge your Members of Congress to pass the bill this month!

ABLE would allow tax-free savings accounts for Americans with disabilities. ABLE accounts would give you a place to deposit savings for disability-related expenses without worrying about losing Social Security and Medicaid benefits. Under current law, those entitlements are jeopardized if savings exceed $2,000.

Three-quarters of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have signed on as co-sponsors. Let your Members of Congress know your 1 in 68 with autism can't wait for ABLE!



Here is How YOU Can Help:

You can contact them through our Autism Champions site by:
Clicking HERE, or
Calling: 855-991-8887 (Tollfree)
You will be connected directly to your Senators' and House Member's office!

We have messages prepared and addressed for you to send into Congress. You will be matched up with your state's two Senators and your U.S. House district. Take action HERE. It only takes a minute!

Post this on Facebook urging your family & friends to join you in demanding action on ABLE. Be sure to include the link:

"I just emailed my Members of Congress to vote for the ABLE Act this November. ABLE would allow tax-free savings accounts for people with disabilities so that they can meet their ongoing expenses. Please follow the link below to email YOUR Members of Congress to vote YES, then share this on your page! Thanks!" 

Link to:


We've waited eight years for Congress to pass ABLE! Call and email them to let them know you want ABLE done this November!
Shelley Hendrix
National Director, Grassroots Development
Autism Speaks


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